Campaign Started: August, 2011
Campaign Ended: November, 2013
Current Level: 10

Right now, I’m porting over all the notes and things I remember into the adventure log, and I’m maybe halfway done. So I have something like 7 months of story to log. I guess if I had kept taking notes on it this would be easier .. the stuff I had good notes on was so simple. Le sigh.

All the major maps are up, though they feel like they need to be redone much nicer for this format.

I need to…

Make a basic wiki page for everywhere the players have been, and some of the major events / lore they’ve encountered.
Put wiki pages up for the major NPCs.
Put wiki pages up for the most recent minor NPCs.
Start working on my backlog of ancient NPCs.
Continue adding minor areas onto the map.

Eventually it would be nice to organize the wiki to have cities, etc. nicely arranged.

Light Warriors

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