Light Warriors

A Hot Time In the Old Town

Plus Dragons

After returning to the guard tower and being told by the captain that his friends had already been paid, Leroy struck out in search of them. Sonya and Gwyn are walking down towards the docks to investigate some mysterious fires being set. Leroy, Gwyn, Sonya, and Jakkar run into each other at a three-way intersection. At this very moment, a massive bronze dragon flies over the docks, spraying flame in its wake. The city guard seem to have trouble reorienting their siege weaponry in order to defend against the fast-moving dragon.

There’s a panic in the streets as the poorly constructed wooden homes of the dock slums burst into flames. A lot of houses are on fire; the party avoids being trampled as the busy street empties and people rush to hide. Leroy attempts to hide in a cellar, but Gwyn and the others shame him into helping. Gwyn hears the cries of a mother who has lost her son; she enters a burning building and busts down a door in order to save the small boy. Leroy joins a small group attempting to start caring for the wounded, where he is quickly promoted to handling serious injuries.

As this is going on, a group of armed men in black leather show up. They appear to have clothing branded with an eclipsed sun all in black, and they begin attacking the townsfolk (starting with Jakkar). Sonya unleashes her fiery fury at them, but they seem to be resistant to fire. After a short battle, all of the cultists are slain, but so are several townsfolk. The heroes hear a strange music from somewhere to the north and decide to find the source.

After a brief misunderstanding with some guards (martial law) and a good walk down the burning city streets, the players discover the source of the music — a group of cultists chanting by a steaming cauldron. As the players arrive, the cultists shriek in ecstasy and turn the cauldron towards the players; hot magma rushes out towards the players, who sidestep it. The cauldron glows white hot at the bottom, and a never-ending river of magma seems to spew from it. The cultists look the same as the others; black leather and the eclipsed sun. Any creature close to the cauldron is attacked by flame spirits that seem to appear from nowhere. As the players sidestep the lava, the music changes and begins to flow uphill towards them. In addition, Sonya’s flaming sphere is wrested from her control and attacks Gwyn.

As the players fight the cultists, they also quickly notice that there’s something falling from the sky – a giant fiery ball. The ball grows larger and larger with each passing second. Sonya finally spots the source of the music and attacks it, knocking it from the nearby roof it was perched on. It’s a man, clothed in black and playing a brass harp. The two exchange blasts before the man says something glib and escapes with inhuman speed.

As his parting shot, the black clothed man moves the falling fireball just a tad; Gwyn, Leroy, and Jakkar are unable to escape its area of effect in time, and are badly wounded from the ensuing blast.

The dragon, which has been strafing the town, sending fireballs into various corners of Sparkle, and roaring very loudly, grips the spire of the Temple of All Faiths and beats its mighty wings. The spire falls with a massive boom, and the dragon roars in victory as it flies away.


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