Light Warriors

A Taste of Home

Just finishing battle with Vandrial and his two cultists, Aladwynn and Lorian, the Light Warriors find themselves surrounded by the aftermath of a bloody bout. The underground network led them to a very narrow section covered in a glowing green moss. Leroyis was intrigued by the fauna and its obvious alcoholic properties and stowed several pounds away in his backpack.

The adventurers were discussing how they were in no condition to get into a rustle as the telltale sound of footsteps loudened from the catacombs ahead. The foliage lining the narrows provided superior concealment from the mysterious figure for all expect Jakar. In was then a voice that cried out commanding those hidden to walk towards the light. Sonya bolted from the shadow wielding the orb found in the last room. Coming to grasp with the unspeakable horrors performed in the main chambers mere minutes ago, the cultist breaks into hysteria. The cultist was accompanied by a woman bound to slavery. The light warriors were not able to convince the dominated mind to shatter the hold of her capture and follow them forward.

Not much further ahead, the narrows opened to the outer world and the rays of sun were a welcomed sight to the adventurers. Sparkle could be seen in the distance, as well as a large estate. After getting a good look at the surrounding landscape, Sonya led the others back the way they came to collect the party’s horses. The animals were feeling fatigued from the journey. The group decided that the best course of action would be to seek rest in Sparkle and report to the Watch Guard Captain.

Leroyis grew impatient which the dampened speed of his horse and drove his heels deep into its ribcage out of anger. The stallion accelerated into a blitz before tumbling recklessly in the rough terrain. The fall snapped the leg of the horse, and in an act of pure empathy, Leroyis swiftly terminated the lifeforce of the kind creature with the heavy weight of his divine mace. By the time the others caught up with Leroyis, one hundred pounds of flesh and muscle stood neatly in a pile next the carcass. Jakar kindly accepted Leroyis’ offering of 30 pounds raw horse meat. Leroyis packed away the remaining meat in his faithful companion’s large leather bag. Along the journey back to Sparkle, Leroyis enjoyed some of the treasure acquired. The horse meat had a smoky spice that reminded him of home.


merrik leroyis

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