Light Warriors

An Unlikely Feast

The light warriors return to the city limits of Sparkle. Sonya and Gwyn head towards the Guard Captain’s tower while Jakar and Leroyis look to sell their wares. Sonya and Gwyn approach the captain’s quarters, where a small crack in the doorway permits limited visibility into the room. A heated discussion can be heard from inside. Sonya, clearly affected by her exhaustive mission, invites herself into the area ahead. The captain and Lorent receive the lengthy debriefing on the previous quest. As promised the reward of 500 gold was given to the Light Warriors for their bravery.

Meanwhile in town, Leroyis finds a merchant interested in his batch of horse hair and receives 10 gold. He is unable to find anyone interested in the vast amounts of freshly slain horse, so he decided eat several pounds before dispersing the remainder of the slowly rotting meat into the streets. Peasants rush into the streets to accept this gesture of good will and then scamper back into the dark alleyways from which they came. Leroyis then heads towards the chapel of Olidammara. Jakar bought some salt to cure his share of the horse meat. Leroyis arrives at the chapel and it greeted by a very friendly cloaked human. Leroyis requests a prompt shower and is escorted to the bathing quarters. After a lengthy, well deserved cleaning, Leroyis pays a visit to the prayer room to account for the day’s great deeds. Leroyis calls upon the wisdom of Olidammara to guide him through the mystery surrounding the recent arson, the rise of the undead, the spreading corruption, and the hideous mutant that saved his life. Leroyis then heads toward the guard captain’s tower.


merrik leroyis

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