Light Warriors

Champions of Rot

Also, THAR!!!!

The party descends the staircase and enter an ornately decorated foyer filled with religious-looking iconography.

This room has additional cultists, undead, and an undead giant who screams THAR!! at them. In a bloody battle, the heroes manage to defeat these enemies. At the back of the foyer is a series of engravings and markings showing a history of the Cult of Rot; various champions and victories. With a keen eye, Sonya discovers a secret compartment which holds some valuable goods.

Just then, the giant jade doors at the back of the foyer creek open. The heroes venture inside cautiously. They hear slow clapping and an elven mage rises from his throne to congratulate them on finally getting to him. He mentions several of their previous exploits; the tower of trials, the demon cultists of Manon, etc. He very pompously tells them he’s been waiting for them, and now they’re going to die.

The mage (who says he is Vandariel), plus the raised corpses of Eladwyn and Lorien, servants of Rot from another age, attack the party. At the back of the cathedral, on a raised altar, lies a dim crystal orb. Vandariel and his minions attack the party; Sonya steals the orb and they immediately turn toward her. Lorien falls, and blood is spilled on all sides. As Eladwyn falls, she looses arrows which catch Gwyn and down her. Gwyn struggles to stabilize herself, but dies. Vandariel is slain by Sonya’s icy hand. Leroyis resurrects Gwyn.

Sonya gazes into the orb, and sees an image of an elven city in the trees, corrupted beyond belief, the very trees twisting and rotting, with undead and elves walking together, marshaling a massive army, and a source of immense power coming from a marble stone temple in the middle of the city.


merrik merrik

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