Light Warriors

Dragon Battle

Orange, the color of angry dragons

After finding the orb, the group runs into a museum curator, Kivin, who finds them curious and follows them out of the museum. While they’re discussing their next options and moves, the dragon shakes the earth and roars past them, razing more buildings. It’s back.

Lorent Stargazer knows where there’s a battery of siege weaponry and leads the party there. Sonya knows a spell that can possibly hold the dragon in place while they attack it with ballistas and other heavy weaponry. When the dragon flies over, Sonya paralyzes it and it crashes into a nearby building. Gwyn and Jackar man ballistas while Sonya concentrates on holding the dragon down. Finally the dragon breaks free, and slays a small group of guards and soldiers. Their final ballista attack knocks some scales from the dragon’s breast, and it flies off, defeated.

The group recovers momentarily, but then they notice commotion coming from the palace. There’s a ragtag group of angry young men who are disgruntled and yelling at the queen. Lorent gathers guards and tries to get them under control while Jakar continues spreading rumors and dissent. Finally the protesters are quelled and they run off; some are hanged. Jax arrives; he has taken a role with the guard for a time and together he and Lorent come up with a plan to take the dragon down using a trap of large ballistas and treasure. Jax talks the queen into letting some of the treasure go into the pile in order to rally their forces and defeat the dragon.

Lorent sneaks into Gwyn’s room one evening while the trap is being set and they talk about what happened in Greybarrow. Lorent mentions that she was marked by the dragonkin at the Tower of Trials and she may have been spared from whatever is effecting them. He mentions that though a lot of their kin aren’t dead, they are enslaved by some power he doesn’t understand. Some mage caught him unaware on his way to report in to Greybarrow and enslaved his mind. He confesses that he was forced to kill Joel Sanford and recognizes that the leaders of these cultists are a hulking man and a slender man with a harp.

The day of the trap arrives and forces are arrayed all around, ready to attack the dragon should he appear. Some of the guards don’t look quite right, and there’s some mysterious box on each of the ballistas. Suddenly, a group of them break off and dash toward the treasure pile. Combat ensues…


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