Light Warriors

Into the Cathedral of Rot


The heroes descend into the cave. There’s a deeply sloping rampway down, hollow in the middle. The place is damp and smells like death. As they descend, they discover that the ramp is trapped – first by a iron block designed to smash down on the ramp, which they loosen and send off the side. Then by a device that plunges out of the wall and knocks Leroyis off the ramp. The rest of the party crawls under it safely. The final trap is a trough of burning pitch, which the Sonya is able to disable.

At the bottom of the ramp is a plain stone entryway, with two beautiful white statues, one of an elf maiden and one of an elf soldier, with glowing green eyes. Jakar pries a jade eye from the female elf and pockets it. As they enter the room, a wave of undead rushes through the narrow corridor at them. The players defeat the undead, and continue on.

Further in, there’s a room full of tattered bedding on the tile floor, and a hallway that goes off deeper. Jakar uses his magic to scout the immediate area, and determines that there’s a staircase down the hallway, and two other rooms. The party opts to go to sleep on the bedding…it being nighttime…. the entire night passes, and they are undisturbed until the morning comes and another wave of undead attacks them. This wave has a mind-dominating witch as its leader who controls the various heroes. They manage to defeat these undead and continue on, down the staircase.


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