Light Warriors

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Or, Lots of Things Start Happening At the Same Time Again

Following the battle in the graveyard, the heroes are left with a bunch of smoldering zombies, one dead cultist leader, and one captured cultist acolyte. This acolyte seems unable to talk; he’s just jibbering and sometimes shouting Vandariel. Sonya determines that he seems to be under some sort of domination, and the party decides to take him back to Sparkle and interrogate him further.

Upon entering the gates of Sparkle, the guards at the tower recognize them, and interrogate them about what happened. They spill the beans that they found some cultists and captured one; the guards want to deal with him. The party wants to take him back to the temple of all faiths for an exorcism, but the Captain of the Guard disagrees and wants to question the prisoner.

The Captain takes the acolyte into their dungeons and the heroes in to meet a freelance investigator they have working for them – Lorent Stargazer. Lorent questions them about what happened, and lets them know of some leads he’s been chasing… some missing priests of Pelor, a wildfire that occurred out on the edges of town, the undead.. Being an elf himself, Lorent eyes Gwyn and mentions that he recognizes her; they exchange pleasantries.

They are about to part ways when a man bursts in with fresh news about the undead. This man, Jakar, is from the city of Whisper, and has been tracking undead for the last few days, but lost them in fog from the sea. The players question Jakar, who is interested in finding the undead and killing them. They seem to have common goals so Jakar offers to join them in their search for the undead in the area.

With that settled, everyone goes to bed except for Leroyis, who goes to the guardhouse baths where he bathes alone for a time, until a mustachio’d brawny man comes in, sits next to him, and attempts to make small talk.

The next day, the group eats in the guardhouse mess hall while Lorent and the Captain discuss their strategy. A priest of Pelor arrives and they exorcise the acolyte. The Captain then allows the party to interrogate him since they know the details about the cultist activity; Gwyn interrogates him, discovers his real name is Landy Owens, and he’s a somewhat dimwitted shopkeeper who fell in with a bad crowd and didn’t really know much about what was going on. He was brainwashed in some cave and has no memory of anything after.

The party learn the cave’s location from Landy, and in exchange for his freedom Landy offers to lead them to the exact location. Lorent decides to continue to focus his investigation within Sparkle; Jakar goes with the party to the cave.

The party follows Landy to the cave entrance, some half day’s march south of Sparkle. He leaves, even though Leroy wants him to walk, on horseback, and the group hops down the cliffside to the outcropping by the cave. Suddenly, spiders with glowing green eyes descend and, hissing, attack them. The party defeats the spiders, and go into the damp limestone cave.


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