Light Warriors

To Catch a Cultist

Graveyards always come with sleepy and/or creepy groundskeepers

The group awakens and, after hearing various rumors for some time, decide that there may be something worth looking into as far as these graverobbings are concerned. Before they can get started on that, however, a detective named Joel Sanford enters the inn they are staying at, walks up to Jax, and starts asking questions about who killed Codrey, and what the hell happened that night . Gwyn and others provide truthful answers, and even though Joel is initially suspicious of them, after he interviews them he continues on his way, and even buys them some beer.

With Law and Order out of the way, the heroes proceed to one of the graveyards which had been the target of the rash of grave robberies. It lies a few miles outside of town — they arrive and talk with the groundskeeper, who doesn’t have a lot going on upstairs, and his dog, who is almost constantly asleep. They don’t get much help, the groundskeeper is both sleepy and incompetent, and doesn’t really remember anything about the last few nights. He says the party is welcome to investigate, derp derp derp.

The heroes decide that they’ll set up surveillance on the graveyard from a nearby tower and, if they see anybody coming, they’ll confront them. Sonya and Gwyn go off to get some dark cloaks to help them hide, and Leroy talks with the guards at the tower (who somewhat recognize him due to a hit single). Leroy talks his way up to the observation floor of the tower, and buys a spyglass and gets it polished up so that he can see the road to the graveyard. The girls come back with horses and wait a short distance away.

As night approaches, fog rolls in, but Leroy thinks he spots something coming along the road. They spring into action, and run into a group of scraggly farmers wearing dirty clothes loitering outside the graveyard. They don’t really respond to any questions, they just say they’re camping. The heroes leave them be and go into the graveyard proper, and hide among the tombstones. They notice a lot of very smelly, rotted flowers on some of the graves. Hours later, some of the men from the wagon approach with knives and, spreading out to the flower-marked graves, start chanting a spell of some sort. The party attempts to distract the nearest cultist, but he is intent upon his spell. Finally they physically restrain him (via Kaida), but his comrades knife themselves and fall forward onto the marked graves.

A short battle ensues; two ‘leader’ cultists appear and toss earth magic around at the heroes. Meanwhile, the slain cultists sink into the marked graves and arise as a number of horrible zombies. The heroes defeat them all, and capture the cultist restrained by Kaida.

The groundskeeper and his dog slept through the whole thing.


merrik merrik

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