A demure farmgirl from Tower's Edge. She is a wonderful messeuse.


Samantha lives with her parents in Tower’s Edge, where they survive by running a tailoring business. She is the only child.

One day she ran into a dashing young man named Plexar, who offered her a ridiculous amount of money to feed him grapes and give him a massage. Samantha of course accepted this offer and spent the next 2 hours working on him. Plexar then offered to walk her home, missing a battle with some thugs . Plexar tried to talk his way inside, and even showed Samantha his vast riches. Samantha was very impressed, but not erotically so. Plexar then ran into Samantha’s mother. He also showed her his wealth, and she was also impressed enough to grant him a follow up date with her daughter and discuss marrying her off to him.

Plexar never returned to see Samantha, and she always wondered what happened to that strange young man with the giant sack of gold.


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