Light Warriors

Jaxus and into Keep Maeve
Why is Jax So Damn Cool (and Racist)?

The next morning, Jax went out and appraised the statue with Sonya. A small boy tour guide offered to show him the statue and tell him its history in exchange for money. Jax took the deal and the boy provided him with a detailed history of the statue, its properties, and a bit of regional history. Jax asked the boy if he knew anyone with a chess set – the boy said no but he would find out. The party identified a local historian they chose to seek out in order to find more information and possibly information on the chess set. The historian played very coy and wanted money for his services. Obviously dealing in information isn’t necessarily the most rewarding career path unless you make people pay for it. When finally pressed and some money was exchanged, the historian told them he knows exactly where the chess set is – he goes over and plays chess on it maybe once a week. The man’s name is Hank, and he’s the ex captain of the guard.

Hank haggled with them – they didn’t have the 500g he wanted, but they promised to bring him a book on magic for his niece in exchange for the chess set, which Hank obviously didn’t know was magical. The four are just leaving Jaxus when a massive earthquake strikes. The earthquake causes one of the walls to the fort to fall, revealing a long-hidden side room. The side room has a secret entry way into a main hall as well as a hidden trap door. The trap door leads to a crypt. The warriors are attacked by a gelatinous ooze and two skeletal humans, which they defeat.


The Light Warriors identified two men, Kelsier and Jacobs, who were known to have golden pocketwatches. Turns out these were rival merchants who were competing for business. After accosting both of these men, Jacobs said he didn’t know anything about a magic pocketwatch, but was willing to trade his for some services against Kelsier. Kelsier, for his part, was willing to discuss the pocketwatch fairly openly once the Silver Mage was mentioned. He said it was a family heirloom, and magical, with the ability to slow down time. He provided it to the Light Warriors in exchange for two favors to be named later, as well as a valuable item (Wand of Animate Dead).

After getting the golden pocketwatch, the heroes started towards Jaxus and the third item, the chess set. On the way they were accosted by thieves on the road who were next to a “broken down” wagon. The heroes killed the thieves easily, took the wagon, and pressed on. They arrived in Jaxus, a town on top of a escarpment. The middle of town features a giant, 100ft. statue of Jax Steelsting, the legendary hero. The town has two inns, the Malbrand and the Dead Cat. The party chose the Dead Cat – they were met at the inn by a man interested in buying their wagon and its contents. He inspected it and determined the whole thing was worth about 100g. The players took the deal. Inside the Dead Cat the players learned something about the history of the region – it used to have a native cat-man population, but they were exterminated by Jax Steelsting.

The Master of Noye
Sometimes it hurts to help

In the morning the heroes set out to confront the Master. There was a torrential downpour outside and vision was limited. The heroes spotted a 3-imp sentry patrolling around the town center. Two of them were wielding poles and one seemed very large. They scouted around the main town hall building (the west, south, and east sides) and found no ground floor windows or doors. They decided to try the front door. When they opened it, a loud alarm (like a large bell) rang out, and alerted everyone of the intrusion. The imps were apparently bleeding the humans dry for blood, and using their bodies for sport. Upstairs a lot of people were caged in. Inside were four imps and two undead, plus a commoner. The undead was fighting the commoner in a makeshift combat ring. Combat ensued, the commoner hid behind the heroes for a while until Leroy encouraged him to fight for his life. Edith created a cloud of obscuring mist at the front door. The commoner was slain in a gout of fire, but the heroes prevailed.

The heroes won and set about freeing the prisoners. As they were investigating the slain bodies they were interrupted by a giant imp and his net-wielding cohorts. They defeated them. Edith stayed behind with the prisoners to help them organize and protect them from further incursions. The heroes left and went back to Arc. Arc was impressed; sent scouts to verify their story. Scouts confirmed their story and some of the refugees began going home. A lot of them will be staying behind at Tower’s Edge or Arc though. The heroes identified their magical items and looked into the golden pocketwatch. They narrowed the subjects down to two wealthy merchants in town who are known to carry pocketwatches.

*Note – Bob the Healer and two of the other Farshaw children of Noye were rescued at this point.

Ambushing the Ambushers
Imps = Goblins; wait, is this still 3.5?

The four strike out to see what has become of Noye. They don’t meet any other people. Eventually they run into the goat path and circle around. They run into the imp’s rear guard, who are storing dead bodies and watching a small outpost for any signs of movement. The four attack and destroy the imps. Inside a barn they find bodies laying around, cut and mutilated. They find a chest which holds a set of very old chainmail (1 AC) and a set of bracers (1 dexterity). They find out these items are magical, and also discover some treasure on the dead imps.

The heroes then started scouting the town. They found a number of dead bodies and evidence of a serious raid. Nobody was found alive. They were starting to explore around the edges of town when they ran into an imp carting bodies. They subdued the imp and took him to an abandoned house, where they questioned him. Sonya questioned the imp in something like goblin (Sonya spoke a more formal, ancient dialect). The imp told her that there were 50+ imps around, they had a master who was using the humans for entertainment, they came from the south from a place called Glibberglob, and the master was powerful and going to kill them. Shortly after this, Jax killed the imp. Next, they continued circling around the town. It began to get dark and they had not seen any more imps or signs of humans living around the area. Sonya had first watch, but fell asleep after hearing noises that sounded like chanting or singing coming from some distance away…

Edith Dragonflight
And Sleeping In the Alleyway

The next day they return to the tower of the Silver Mage. Xaltoon introduces them to Edith, their long-lost friend. Edith is a druid. The heroes give the wizard the scythe and are rewarded with some bags of gold. Xaltoon seems impatient and tells them to hurry up. The four go down and visit the town of Arc, hoping to talk to the man with the golden pocketwatch. Instead they meet refugees on the road from Noye. A woman tells of her eldest son turning and attacking some perusing imps. His name is Kent. They claim Noye has been attacked by a group of “angry little men”. These are imps, a form of goblin resident in these parts. The four continue on to Arc where they see more refugees and people taking them in. The taverns are giving out free alcohol. Arc is a very progressive and helpful town and is very empathetic to their neighbors to the West. However, there’s no room in the town for them at any of the inns due to the refugees, and they don’t really know anybody, so they opt to sleep in an alleyway. Olidammara makes snide remarks at Leroy and laughs at him all night. Or maybe Leroy’s just crazy. Sonya meets a guard who tells her about a goat path into Noye, but also tells her the guard doesn’t plan to do anything other than watch and make preparations for an attack.

Sonya's Ride
Or, How Leroy Was Almost Poisoned

Warriors went to see Jeff Casey. Casey is an oldschool police officer who happens to live in the town of Tower’s Edge. Casey took the information and promised to hunt the criminals down. In truth, Casey sympathizes with the men and hates the fact that citizens are starving for lack of money. The warriors notice a statue which looks like Jax, and names him “Jax Steelsting” (a heroic surname based upon legend).

Warriors head off to Llalalar to meet the plantation owner. They stay at an inn (The Silver Scythe) which is run by a barmaid named Lyra. Lyra finds out that they’re working with Xaltoon and lets them stay the night. In the morning they meet “Old Jim”, the plantation owner. He lives in a posh, large home north of town. Jarvis, his manservant, announces them. Jim is an amiable, lonely old man who doesn’t really get a lot of visitors but enjoys company and excitement. They talk with him for a while. Leroy begins to act weird and Jarvis takes him to see the house physician, Randy. Randy is the son of the late house physician who died some years ago. Jim finds out that they work with Xaltoon and offers to let them win the scythe in return for providing him with entertainment. They are to win a race in order to take the item. The magical item is “lucky” for Jim, and he doesn’t want to part with it because of the sentimental value. Sonya rides a black horse to victory (2 out of 3) and the warriors take the scythe. They return back to Llalalar and help out around the Silver Scythe. Leroy tells jokes, Jax cleans dishes, and Sonya serves drinks. Leroy inspires a drunk to leave the inn and live a life of service to others. His name is Orin.

Why am I naked?

The three warriors (Sonya, Jax, and Leroy) awoke and found themselves in Xaltoon’s tower. The tower is at a strategic point between two major cities, and it serves as a landmark and regional hub. A number of small towns lie outside of it. Xaltoon introduced himself as a member of the Silver Messangers, an order dedicated to spreading knowledge and facilitating travel and information. The tower itself is one of theirs, and is a relay point for important messages throughout the region.

They are heroes of legend who defeated an ancient evil, and ushered in an era of unrivalved peace. This peace has left the world much weaker than it was, and there are none who could match the power those four had 1000 years ago. The last thing all of them remember was fighting the evil demonic knight who threatened the world, losing, and breaking a black orb as a last ditch effort (they all died), and they remember little else of their time (although it comes back to them from time to time). The fourth warrior was still recovering due to its diminished essense (injury during fighting). Xaltoon tells them that he has called them back thanks in part to pieces of their essence he acquired over the years.

Xaltoon sends the three out to quell issues in the region and restore tranquility – getting the rust off of them. He also wanted them to bring him some magical items.. a scythe, a pocketwatch, a chess set, and a moonstone. They’re scattered around the towns, and he either doesn’t have a good relationship with the people who have these items, or he doesn’t have any way to get them to give the items up, so he sends these guys.

The three warriors set off into the town of Tower’s Edge where they encountered a near food riot. They quelled it by convincing the merchant that they would maintain order if he lowered his prices. The city watch was not on hand for the incident (many were actually participating). Several thieves tried to run off with bread at the end, but were defeated handily by the warriors. They limped off to recover. The head of the watch is named Jeff Casey, and they were going off to see him.


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