Light Warriors

Enter the Magikarp

And improbable barricade

The next day, the heroes wake up in the cave to some stunning developments. Plexar awakes and looks a little… off. He sees his reflection in a pool and sees a snake demon creature. Jax has blockaded the entryway into the cave using some of the group’s horses, because a local authority figure discovered the slain bodies of the cultists and in investigating, discovered the cave. Jax panicked and blockaded the doorway. The heroes, looking for a way out, pushed on through the water filled room.

The water-filled room was full of fish-like and snake-like creatures. The players defeated them, with the exception of a large karp-like creature. Jax was dragged under water and nearly drowned before freeing himself.

At the end of this battle, the lord came in through the horse blockade and demanded to know what the party was doing slaying people on his lands. The heroes explain the situation to the lord, who thanks them and sends them on their way.

The party gathers more proof for the Council of Roses, and decides to venture to Sparkle in order to figure out what is going on with Plexar.


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