Light Warriors

Into The Tower of Trials

Shun, shun the heroes

The players were attacked leaving Tower’s Edge in a very odd fight. Initially, two guys attacked Leroy, saying they had a message for him from Codrey. Once this happened, two other men (turned out to be elves) attacked those thugs AND the party, claiming they were there to take Gwyn back to Greybarrow where she belonged. (Gwyn eventually came clean and told them she “may or may not be an elf”)

The thugs and elves formed an odd alliance and said they’d take the one they wanted once everyone was defeated. Sonya got her poor head smashed up real good and went unconscious. The players defeated the elves, and one of the thugs ran away. The guard captain freaked out when he saw elven soldiers in the town, and started raising an alarm and looking around for more elves. Gwyn mysteriously disappeared, but sent a note saying she was shaken up (she was hiding from the guards). Leroy spent something like 3-4sp on retrieving messages from messengers sent to find him, in one of my favorite sequences ever.

The players left Tower’s Edge and started the journey to the Tower of Trials. The players found other people on their way there to see if they were worthy of being heroes; it seemed like some sort of party had sprung up around the tower. When they approached it the next day, the players were jeered and boo’d at they entered.

Inside was a giant dragonkin warrior who thundered at them that only 4 could enter. Plexar smarted off and was summarily thrown out of the tower. He re-entered, and Jax volunteered to stay outside.

The giant dragonkin informs them that they are to be tested to prove that they are worthy of being Heroes – she grins because she remembers when four walked these halls a thousand years before, and recognizes them for who they are. The entry room is speckled in white and black odd-shaped tiles. Each main wall (the tower is a hexagon) has a stained glass window with a different element (earth, water, air, fire), and each window has light pouring in from a different time of day (sunrise, noon, sunset, and full moon). The lights from the windows shift slowly between all times of day, but it is obvious that the earth window is always dimmest, with fire being the next dimmest, followed by water, and finally air.

The dragonkin accepted their challenge and the players ran on ahead without asking any questions.


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