Light Warriors

Killing Codrey

Two men, together in hatred

The crew wakes up the next day; Gwyn and Merrik remain slightly hungover from their massive redecorating effort. Everyone heads off to Codrey’s place, which is fairly easy to find because, being a rich asshole crime lord, everyone in town knows where he is. He lives in a fortified compound with patrolling guards, nicely landscaped grounds, etc.

As the heroes arrive, a small band of miscreant-looking people leaves the gates. Merrik, Sonya, and Jax follow that band while Plexar and Gwyn continue to watch the gate and attempt to get inside. Merrik, Sonya, and Jax tail the suspicious band into Sparkle and down some alleyways, where they seem to rough a few people up before turning down a dark alley and, after speaking some password, go into an unmarked building. The heroes throw things at the door to try and get the doorman to step out into the alley, but he doesn’t do so. Finally, Merrik goes up to the door and just says “”/campaign/light-warriors/wikis/pocketwatch" class=“wiki-page-link”> POCKETWATCH" and is given entree. He sits down and has a beer, and listens to the gossip in the room. Apparently there’s a meeting in the basement; he goes down there and begins to listen in as the criminal types appear to be having some sort of council against Codrey. The major players view him as soft, not crazy enough, and want to showing Sparkle what “real crime” looks like.

Meanwhile, Jax gains entry by barging in the door and concocting an elaborate tale(?). Sonya still has no way to get inside. Merrik comes back up, hearing the commotion, and helps Jax toss out some of the remaining people in the speakeasy. He then intimates to Jax that there are a lot of rats in the cellar. They set the building on fire and lock the basement door, killing all the criminals under the speakeasy.

Jax, Sonya, and Merrik run off as authorities and fire quenching types arrive, but the building is going up in raging flames. Sonya is extremely upset with Jax and Merrik for killing all those people willy nilly. She rides off, while Jax and Merrik continue on to Codrey’s compound.

Meanwhile, Gwyn and Plexar have managed to infiltrate Codrey’s compound. Plexar disguised himself as a simple farmer and got in by playing the part of a petitioner. Gwyn wasn’t able to sneak in with him, but she follows by tricking a guard and pretending to be his wife with a message for him. She follows Plexar to a locked door where Plexar is discussing working with Codrey and how he kind of hates Leroy. Gwyn is shocked.

Gwyn and Plexar meet up with Merrik and Jax outside of the compound. Plexar says that he wants them to attend a gathering that evening where Leroy is going to be, and they can save him then. Gwyn tells them about Plexar’s plans to betray them, but nobody really believes her. They leave and decide to return that evening. Sonya is still upset at Jax and she doesn’t plan to attack Codrey’s compound with them; she plans to remain outside.

Nighttime comes, and the heroes converge again on Codrey’s. Codrey is in his courtyard with Leroy tied to a poll, obviously badly beaten. He has a number of henchmen around him. The heroes arrive and challenge Codrey, but suddenly a large, fiery man leaps onto the grounds and one of the grain silos nearby explodes, knocking Codrey’s henchmen down and knocking Gwyn unconscious. It rasps an oath of vengeance against Codrey, and proceeds to bound across the grounds toward another silo. Merrik and Jax just shrug, and rush into the fray, slaying some of the helpless henchmen while they are stunned.

Plexar heads straight for Leroy, and starts beating him up screaming that he killed his father. Leroy does nothing because he’s already near unconsciousness. Popping/crackling sounds start coming from the silo the fiery demon went into, and it begins to smoke — Gwyn is dangerously close to it. Plexar notices and stops pounding on Leroy long enough to rescue Gwyn, moving her just far enough away before the building explodes and the fiery man leaps into Codrey’s mansion. Sonya takes the opportunity to move in, grab Leroy, and teleport them both back to her horse.

Jax and Merrik soundly defeat Codrey, who crawls back into his mansion. One of the henchmen grabs a horse from the nearby stable and begins to ride off — it has bags on it that Merrik instantly recognizes as his Fox Company bags. Merrik attacks the henchman and reclaims his horse, which still has the widow money in it. Plexar rushes into the house to loot some of Codrey’s treasure, and discovers that it’s on fire. As he rushes around grabbing loot, the fire gets worse, and he hears more popping/sizzling sounds. He can’t find his way out, and he’s loaded down with treasure. He tops to drop the heaviest thing he’s carrying and try to run out. The building explodes with himself and Codrey inside.

In the aftermath, Leroy recovers over time, and Merrik leaves to give out the Fox Company treasury to the relatives of his men.


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