Light Warriors

Night at the Museum

Plus Zombie Dinosaur

The group is about to enter the museum when Lorent and his crew appear again. He tells them he’s been here before years and years ago and thinks he knows where the orb might be. They attack the cultists at the gate and overwhelm them, then push in towards the Modern wing. The Modern wing contains modern relics, fine art, fashions, and heraldry showing the current expansion of human civilization. They continue running into packs of thugs and cultists and freeing workers and patrons pressed into service as they advance in towards the Prehistoric wing.

The Prehistoric wing is full of biological oddities that existed prior to the beginning of time. Strange creatures created for the gods for unknown purposes such as multiple early incarnations of the fabled unicorn and the platypus. There’s a massive red dragon statue in the corner. Lorent says the orb is at the end of the hall; the group races forward, stopping only to tell the forced laborers searching the museum that the way is clear out.

As they near the end of the hall, they run into a large dinosaur exhibit. There’s a little man polishing the dinosaur up, and there’s some fake prehistoric fauna in the room as well. As the heroes are passing through, the little man speaks a word of power, assassins jump out of the bushes, and the massive dinosaur in the middle of the room is set to flame and comes alive.

The players fight the massive dinosaur, and Sonya realizes that if they defeat the wizard the dinosaur’s animating enchantment will be broken. Jackar is knocked unconscious by an assassin’s knife and tries to crawl away. Leroy is critically injured and begins to run when he eats another lump of the green moss from the Cathedral of Rot. Upon eating this moss he suddenly morphs into a giant hulking moss shambler, full of rage. He punches a hole in an assassin’s face and flees out of the museum in uncontrollable rage.

Sonya defeats the enemy’s wizard and takes his spell book. The group follows Lorent down the hallway to a dead end. Lorent is certain that there was another passage here somewhere; he appears extremely confused. Sonya casts detect magic on the area looking for a hidden or magically hidden passage, but instead detects a magical presence on Lorent. Upon closer inspection, Lorent is covered with compulsion and illusion weaves. Sonya spends a long time surreptitiously untangling and dispelling the magical tangle clouding Lorent’s mind. When the last tangle is undone and the magic disappears, Lorent cries out in pain. He apparently has been under some sort of enchantment; he says that everyone in Greybarrow is dead.

Lorent is still in horrible pain but leads them back to the red dragon; the orb is one of its eyes.


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