Light Warriors

Queens and Spears

Wait for it....

The party decides to go visit the museum of Sparkle in search of dragonlore. Everyone is heading that way when they encounter a LOT of people heading the opposite direction. Leroy disguises himself as a peasant and they go to the palace and garrison area where the queen speaks for a short while. She explains what happened and the planned response to it, and urges people to hold on to hope.

There’s a brief discussion between Leroy and Jackar about posting propaganda up about the queen and trying to overthrow her, but they are rejected by the only publisher they talk to.

The group decides to go visit the museum now. On the way, they run into Lorent and his small crew of guards. Lorent warns them that the cultists have taken over part of the northern edge of the city and that there are sharpshooters down one alleyway. The group goes down the other alleyway where they run into sharpshooters on the building. They duck into a building and climb up on the roof, and dispatch them.

Finally, they arrive at the museum in search of answers about dragonlore, but find it overrun with cultist, thugs, and others being forced into labor. It looks like they’re tearing the structure apart looking for something. Leroy dons a disguise (sombrero) and enters. He finds out they’re looking for some red orb that reacts to fire. He doesn’t find out any information about dragons as everyone is being forced to search for the orb. He sees a diorama about dragons in prehistoric times being hunted with spear-chucking devices. Finally, he finds a large ruby and takes it to the man who pressed him into service, but the man throws it away disdainfully. Leroy runs out of the compound and back to his friends. He eats some more tasty moss.


merrik merrik

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